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My name is Brandon Olivares from Returning to Zero. I believe at the heart of every person is what I call Zero, the Void. This is the seed of all creation — the stillness from which all things manifest. My goal is to teach you to access and wield this state to create exactly the life you dream of living.

Creating from Non-Doing

Stop working so hard to manifest what you want in life: learn the effortless path to success that is available to everyone.
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What Does It Mean to Will?

Your will is the most powerful magickal tool you have at your disposal. Learn how you can hone your will to create anything you desire.
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Creating From Zero

Your mind is actively blocking you from creating the life you desire. Learn how to move beyond the mind and step into your power.
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The Art of Surrender

Manifestation does not need to be hard. Learn to unlock the key to success in your life through surrender, letting go, and trust.
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7 Steps to Living at Zero

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How to Use the Power of Acceptance to Create Anything

Have you been trying to use visualization, affirmations, vision boards, or other such tools to manifest what you want, with little to no results? Are you tired of fighting against reality and trying to get the Universe to give you what you want? There's a simple way of speaking the language of the Universe and unlocking your desires. However, that secret does not lie in visualization, affirmations, or anything else, though these can certainly have their place. It's something far more basic, and which anyone can do at any time of the day. Acceptance sounds rather simplistic, and you might even scoff at the suggestion that this could be the key. But in my study of the law of attraction since 2015, acceptance is the one thing that I've found again and again to be one of the most essential keys to manifesting. In this series of audios, I'll guide you through the process of learning how to use acceptance, and all the various ways it can help you to manifest. This class includes over 2.5 hours of audio guiding you through the process of using acceptance, and other select techniques, to effortlessly dissolve your resistance.
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The Anatomy of Resistance

Resistance is the biggest obstacle to having what you want. Learn the most powerful tools and techniques to dissolve any resistance.
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10 Essential Keys to Make the Law of Attraction Work for You

Would you like to know why the law of attraction hasn't been working for you? This class will teach you the 10 foundational principles that you need to start manifesting your goals. Without these principles, the law of attraction just won't work. Discover how to manifest your deepest desires in life, no matter how big the goal might seem to you. Find out why you haven't been getting the results you want with the LOA. Learn how resistance can actually lead you towards your goal. With this class, you'll get over 90 minutes of audio describing each key in detail, plus a quick reference sheet outlining all the keys for you to refer back to at any time. You'll also get a transcript of the entire recording, in case you prefer reading rather than listening, or simply want two modes of receiving the information. After purchasing this class, you will have lifetime access to all these files.
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3 Simple Questions to Manifest Any Desire

What if 3 simple questions, properly applied, could help you to manifest anything you desire? In this teleclass, find out what these 3 questions are, and how to use them in the most effective way to boost your manifestation success. Topics Discussed Include: What are the 3 steps to effortlessly manifest anything? Three questions that will help you to navigate through the process with ease and overcome subconscious resistance. Plus, suggested affirmations to accelerate your manifestation work. In this teleclass, you'll receive a 60-minute MP3 recording, plus a powerpoint outlining everything you need to know to use this process. Note : This teleclass is included for free in the Creation Control Center Premium Membership .
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7 Day Manifesting Challenge

This 7 day challenge will teach you the basics of how to use the law of attraction, by helping you to manifest something important to you, possibly within a single week!
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Three Day Manifesting Intensive

I've been coaching now for three years, showing others how to make their desires become reality. However, the biggest issue I've seen is the time factor. I meet with my one-on-one coaching clients every two weeks. Sometimes it takes 4 sessions or so before we can really build up the momentum to start seeing results. Now I am offering my first manifesting intensive. It was born from the desire to help you manifest faster change in your life. Through compacting everything I'd show you in coaching, down to only a few days, you can make a massive shift in mindset and perspective, which will immediately start changing the way you approach your manifestations. The law of attraction is real. I've manifested countless desires using the principles I've come to learn over the last three years. But, the law of attraction also requires a massive shift in perspective. Without that shift, you're just going to get the same things you've always gotten. What to Expect This intensive will last three hours per day, for three days. In that time, we will cover everything you'll need to know to start generating the results you want in your life. This is a group program, but I am only accepting a small group of a few people at a time. You'll still receive plenty of personalized attention from me throughout the intensive, and you'll have all the time you need to ask your questions and ensure that you are understanding everything. I see this more as a deep conversation, rather than a training or an extended coaching session. I won't give you a huge list of exercises or techniques. My goal for this intensive is to help you to see things in a different way, and once your perspective has shifted authentically, then the way you approach your manifestation will naturally shift. The reason you don't have your desire is not because you aren't using the right techniques, or not thinking the right thoughts. It's merely because you aren't seeing the situation in the optimal way to encourage a shift. Once you change on the inside, then you will naturally, and effortlessly, start getting different results on the outside. Schedule The schedule will be decided once everyone signs up for the program. We need to find the best time that works for everyone. I'd like to hold this from June 22-24, but if we need to choose different dates, we will. If you have any questions about this program, don't hesitate to contact me . Bonus For everyone who signs up for this intensive, I will also be giving you free access to Effortless Money Manifestation . You may attend those classes live or simply enjoy the recordings. This complementary class will teach you everything you need to start manifesting effortless abundance, in the amounts of your choosing. Price Nine hours of one-on-one coaching with me would cost you $1,575. However, I am offering this intensive to you for only a one-time payment of $997. Or, you can opt to make three monthly payments of only $347. Once you sign up, you will also receive complementary access to my course, Effortless Money Manifestation, which is a $247 value. Have questions? Feel free to contact me .
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Living a Magical Life with the Law of Attraction

When you were a child, did you ever feel like you had some magical ability, to make your wishes come true? I know for me, I certainly observed that I could affect the reality around me, and I was quite good at it. I've heard the same from many others. Have you ever felt like this innate ability left you over the years, and even in studying the law of attraction, you've never quite been able to recapture that magical wonder and sense of infinite possibilities of your childhood? In this LOA masterclass, I'll show you how you can open up again to that magical power. When I say magic, I'm not talking about weird rituals and chants. Certainly if you feel led to use those sorts of tools, that's up to you, but they're not required. By magic, I'm just referring purely to the ability to create change in your reality. You might ask, “But how does that differ from the law of attraction?” In essence, it doesn't, at least not very much. But I've been working on transitioning my own wording over to “magic”, because it does embody more than the LOA does on its own. But these are the differences I see: Whereas the law of attraction is focused on actions you can take (even actions in your own mind such as visualization, affirmations, etc), magic is focused on bringing you to that place deep within where magic thrives and there are infinite possibilities. In essence the LOA traditionally is about what you can do, while magic is about who you are being. Whereas the law of attraction is about acting upon the Universe to make it yield your desire to you, magic is about living in flow with the Universe and all its various facets, in such a way that it happily, naturally, and effortlessly delivers everything you want and more to you. Indeed, not only does it deliver what you want, the Universe does everything in its infinite power to delight and surprise you in every aspect of your life, beyond what you could ever imagine for yourself. Whereas the law of attraction is about manifesting perhaps one or two big desires, magic is about living in partnership with the Universe where all things become possible and your life becomes, well, magical. Whereas the law of attraction is touted as a law—a science—that you can master, magic is an intuitive art that you must gradually discover over time. There are guides who can point the way for you, but no one can take your hand and walk the path with you. It is a path of self-discovery. This weekend, I will be holding this LOA masterclass to teach you how to open up to the magic that has always been within you. Stop limiting yourself by trying to learn how to master the law of attraction, and join me on this journey to open up to living the magical life you were called to live. The time is not yet set, so you will be asked to choose the time(s) that work best for you once you sign up, so as many people as possible can benefit from being on the call. For those who can't attend, the call will be recorded and made available to you. I estimate this class to be between 60-90 minutes, depending on how much discussion and Q&A there is. As anyone knows who has ever taken a live class with me before, I like plenty of interaction. I want you to walk away after this class inspired and ready to begin your magical journey. Note : You can either purchase this class as a standalone below, or sign up for any level of my LOA membership to get this, and all other LOA masterclasses, free as part of that membership. Just click here to sign up for the membership and you'll get instant access to this class.
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Effortless Money Manifestation

Does it feel like money is always a struggle? Does it seem like you can never achieve your financial goals, and any time you try, random expenses pop up to foil your efforts? Do you sometimes wish you could just not think about money, but yet you know you have to? I used to be the same way. I was on SSI (Supplemental Security Income), and making next to nothing as a coach. And then, in a matter of 7 months, I tripled my income and got off of SSI. I was financially independent. I started doing all the things I had always wanted to do but never had enough money for. Money is my passion, especially its connection to spirituality. Spiritual people are often quite uncomfortable with money, as though it really is the root of evil (it's not, I promise). The truth is, it's perfectly okay to love money. In fact, loving money is more likely to get you more of it than hating it. It's my passion to teach you how to get control over your financial situation, and how to finally start manifesting the abundance you've always wanted. What is this course? Basically, it is a series of 7 live calls in which I will guide you through the process of improving your relationship with money. We'll take a two-pronged approach, tackling both the spiritual/emotional aspect of money, as well as the practical, everyday aspect. I believe both are needed for optimal results. If you look at one aspect without the other, you'll not get the full benefits of what is truly possible. Whether you just want a bit more money to have more fun with, or you're living paycheck-to-paycheck not sure if you'll have enough food to last, this course will help you to finally master your financial situation and start achieving the goals you've always wanted to.
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Planting the Seeds of Your Creations

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The Art of Reality Creation 2.0

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Manifestation for Hire

Allow me to manifest on your behalf, or clear the energy around any situation in your life.
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