7 Day Manifesting Challenge by Brandon Olivares

7 Day Manifesting Challenge


This 7 day challenge will teach you the basics of how to use the law of attraction, by helping you to manifest something important to you, possibly within a single week!

What's included?

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Day 1
Choosing Your Goal
Day 2
Using the Power of Radical Acceptance
Day 3
Building a Pathway of Allowing
Day 4
Feeling Satisfaction for Life
Day 5
Building the Thought Pathway to Your Desire
Day 6
Letting the Details Fill In
Day 7
Following Your Impulses to Success

About Me

My name is Melektoth from DarkAscent.org. My goal is to help you to become the god of your reality which you were always meant to be. I teach the law of attraction, magick, and non-duality.