7 Steps to Living at Zero by Brandon Olivares

7 Steps to Living at Zero

Have you ever felt like life shouldn't be so difficult? Like money should come more easily, love should come more easily, and especially, happiness should come more easily? Like everything shouldn't be such a struggle?

We have all probably felt this at one time or another, but most people push it down and just keep living the same way they always have.

But, some people wonder, “What if?”

You see, your soul knows something that your mind refuses to acknowledge: life is supposed to be easy.

You shouldn't slave away at a job you hate, or even one you don't love. You shouldn't struggle to get by week-after-week. Money should be easy and abundant. Relationships should be wonderful, loving, and life-affirming.

The Universe was built this way, but most people don't know that. Their constant efforting holds them away from the natural peace, joy, and abundance that the Universe has to offer.

It's like being on a boat in the middle of a freshwater lake, and yet being dehydrated because you believe there is no water around. You're literally surrounded by a near limitless supply of water, and all you have to do is to receive it.

There is a place deep in your core, which I call simply, Zero. Zero is a place of absolute stillness, silence, peace, and effortlessness. In this place of stillness, there is infinite abundance and absolute joy. There is no struggle, trying, striving, lack, or anything else less than absolute perfection.

That might sound too good to be true, but you were meant to live at Zero. It's our natural state, when we aren't trying so hard to make things happen.

How would you like to live in that place of infinite abundance? How would you like your life to become magical, effortless, and joyful? How would you like to never again do anything that does not make you happy?

How to Return to Zero

If you'd like those things, then you must learn how to return to Zero, which is your natural state.

However it may at first feel unnatural, because we aren't used to living that way. Society has taught us to resist, to struggle, to work hard. So, you have to retrain your mind to let go and stop trying so hard, and allow in the natural abundance of your being.

I've developed 7 steps for living at Zero. These are the steps I've been living by in my own life, and they can help you, too, to experience the effortlessness, joy, and abundance you were meant to experience.

This masterclass will teach you these 7 steps and how to apply them to your life. We'll have two live 90-minute classes via Zoom, one week apart, where I'll teach in detail each of these steps and how to start living it immediately.

This isn't your normal law of attraction class. I'm not going to ask you to visualize, or say affirmations. Those all feel like a lot of effort to most of us, and so they are counterproductive to the state I am describing.

These are steps that go far beyond any of that. They tap into the core of your own being and allow you to live the way you were meant to.

The classes will take place on February 15 and February 22, at 2PM US Eastern. They will be recorded in case you cannot attend or simply wish to refer back to the material later on.

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Decide to end the struggle now and open yourself to a life of effortless abundance, success, love, and everything else you've always wanted.
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