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Dear Fellow LOA practitioner,

When you first discovered the Law of Attraction, you were probably excited about being able to manifest your way into a better and more comfortable life. 

Then reality catches up with you and suddenly…

  • You start to doubt the LOA
  • You manifest what you DON’T want
  • Or NOTHING happens

Trust me, I know.

I used to be there myself, struggling with the LOA for an entire year when I was just starting out, doubting if it really works, buying every LOA book I could get ahold of, paying for LOA coaching.

People have been emailing me for the past three years, telling me things like,
I've received literally hundreds of these.

And while reading them, it became absolutely clear to me..

…that a lot of LOA practitioners believe in 3 LOA myths.

These myths are getting in the way of them manifesting their biggest and wildest dreams.

Before I discovered how to make LOA work for me, I believed in these myths too. That’s why I want to debunk these myths one by one.

Myth #1: You need to say affirmations every day, create a vision board, etc.

Many LOA coaches will tell you to say affirmations every day. They will tell you to create a vision board.

I never did any of that..

..yet I was able to triple my income in 6 months.

Heck, I used to be on SSI only two years ago. But now I’m making an income north of $80,000.

It’s not the affirmations or the words you use that will get you to your goals.

But the fundamental principles behind LOA. What are those?

  • Be in a place of HAVING, not wanting
  • Be emotionally READY to receive your goal
  • Never accept failure as a possibility

I can go on and on about the fundamentals, but it’ll be taught to you later on.

For now, let’s move on to...

Myth #2: You need to get rid of your feelings of resistance

People believe that resistance is a bad thing. They believe that if they meet with resistance, then they are moving away from their manifestation.

But encountering resistance actually means you are moving towards your manifestation.

Remember: every big manifestation requires overcoming big resistance.

There’s no way around it. That’s why you must:

  • EXPECT resistance to come up
  • DEAL with the resistance as it comes up
  • RELEASE resistance so the manifestation will come to you

Now ask yourself: are you repressing or pushing away your resistance?

You might be.

Because if you are, then you could be sabotaging your goals.

Myth #3: You have to act and do things to make your goal happen

Stop putting in so much effort!

It’s why it’s called the Law of ATTRACTION, not the Law of “Force”.

The truth is, LOA is about identity, NOT activity. 

Unfortunately, only a very small percentage of the community will have an easy time with LOA.. simply because they believe in these myths leaving them stuck with the wrong mindset. 

Now there are many ways to solve this. You can read my blog, listen to my podcasts, or do things by trial and error.

But What If You Could:

  • Know the real reason why LOA works for some people and not for others
  • Know the path of least resistance towards manifesting your goals
  • Know the advanced techniques that will speed up the entire creation process

Put all this together and you will have the tools you need to manifest your life’s deepest desires.

When You Do This, You Realize That...

  • Life is perfect and going just the way you want it to
  • Things come to you naturally — be it money, a high paying job, or amazing, extraordinary people
  • You’re in a much better place and mentality than you were before

Hi, my name is Brandon Olivares.

For me, the LOA is easy and effortless.

You see, I’ve been blessed enough to discover how LOA can work for me.

Which is why I’m writing this to you… so you too can use LOA to create the life you want where:

  • You can be making all the money you want
  • Doing the things you really want to be doing
  • Feeling fulfilled and living your purpose

And I’ve created a place where you’ll learn all of these things.. PLUS a big bonus to guide you in your path.

Introducing the 90-Day Advanced Creator Program

Inside, you’ll learn my advanced techniques for manifesting your goals, putting you in the driver’s seat to create your own reality. 

It will be an intensive program that will require a lot from you.


Because I want to make sure you’re getting it right and the results you want.

Once you join us inside, you’ll be asked to…

  • Attend a weekly call as a group (so I know you’re applying the principles you learn in each call in your day-to-day life)
  • Hop on two one-on-one sessions with me to firmly ground your new learning
  • Join the Private Facebook group to discuss the progress you are making (you can ask any questions between weekly calls!)
And it gets even better.

If You Join Us Today, You’ll Get Access To this Bonus:

Free Access to My “How to Use the Power of Acceptance to Create Anything” Class

This class will give you a firm foundation in using acceptance, one of the most powerful forces in creation, to manifest your desires.

The use of radical acceptance is something you should have a thorough understanding of before trying to take on these more advanced techniques.

And you’re getting this as soon as you enroll in my program.

Now you may be wondering..

“How Much Does This All Cost?”

You’ll get everything inside the 90-Day Advanced Creator Program for only $750 (or just three payments of $275).
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Just so we’re clear, as much as I want to open this transformative program to everyone, I can only accept 6 students. I’m only one person after all, so I want my students to have the same level of commitment as I’m giving.

That’s why..

  •  If you don’t want to participate in the weekly accountability calls, this isn’t for you..
  • If you think you know everything already there is to know about LOA, this isn’t for you..
  • If you think making your wildest dreams come true is impossible, then this probably isn’t for you..

But if you’re ready to kick things into high gear and make LOA work for you, then…

I want you to join my 90-Day Advanced Creator Program.

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Do You Want to be in Control of Your Life?

Now I may not know yet what your dreams are and why you’re joining.

Maybe you just don't know how to continue using LOA.

Maybe you’re just tired of reading LOA articles and blogs with no results.

Or maybe you know you have it inside of you to create the life you WANT and live life the way you’re supposed to.

Truth be told, I care more about helping you manifest your biggest and wildest dreams, even your life’s purpose.

It’s your choice.

But I have to remind you…

Your window of opportunity to join will ONLY be open until November 30. So if you want in, you’ll need to act quickly before the clock runs out.
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What my students are saying..

Brandon was able to point out things I would've never noticed about myself, and he offered me the guidance that I needed to move forward. I had countless questions from the start, and he answered each and every single one thoughtfully and clearly. I got more and more clarity on who I am and what I should be doing to manifest my goals and dreams, and now, I'm empowered to make my goals become a reality.
Since first learning about the Law of Attraction a few years ago, I always struggled with applying the concepts and really understanding what I was doing. I realized I had been asking for the same exact goals every single year without ever getting closer to any of them—there are so many resources out there that give you different opinions and techniques, and trying to put them together was confusing.

Working with Brandon has been an incredibly eye-opening experience. He’s not only super clear in explaining how to really apply the Law of Attraction, but he’s also honest—he won’t just tell you what you want to hear, but what you NEED to hear to get things done. He’s helped me really make sense of the LOA and practical steps needed to realize my goals. In the short time I’ve done coaching with Brandon and following his courses, I’ve seen my money increase in ways I didn’t think possible before, gained a better sense of confidence in myself, and everything LOA related feels like it’s finally just clicked into place for me. If you’re struggling with trying to find the right techniques and methods for you and you want something a little more real, then this is definitely the place to be. I would recommend this course for anyone else who’s tired of the constant affirmations, vision or mood boards, long visualization sessions, and confusing instructions with no results!
Anything is possible,
Brandon Olivares

P.S. Not sure you're ready to sign up for this program? Feel free to book a call with me to discuss it.
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About Me

My name is Brandon Olivares from Returning to Zero. I believe at the heart of every person is what I call Zero, the Void. This is the seed of all creation — the stillness from which all things manifest. My goal is to teach you to access and wield this state to create exactly the life you dream of living.