Many spiritual paths encourage the cessation of all desire and the union of the individual with the All. They tend to call this enlightenment.

I find myself on the opposite end of the spectrum. I do not want to end desire: I want to fulfill it. I do not want to disperse my own personal consciousness: I want to strengthen its hold on individuality.

As such, I call this process endarkenment: the strengthening of the soul's personal consciousness until it has absolute, godlike control over its own universe.

I know very few who are directly doing this type of work as I am. The things I am doing are seen as taboo by more traditional spiritual types. But, I believe in the value of endarkenment 100%, and it has changed my own life in innumerable ways.

Where do you stand? Would you rather give up your desires, or revel in their accomplishment? Would you rather surrender to the Universal Will, or determine your own will and use it to shape your reality? Would you rather live an average life, or have all the wealth, health, and love you can handle?

Yes, it's always been the Dark that has been seen to tempt people with money, fame, power, and all the rest, in exchange for their soul. But if you knew you could actually have all this without giving up anything at all, would you?

That's where I come in.

Getting Practical

Wherever you are on this path of endarkenment, I can help you to take the next step.

Whether you are just starting out and simply want to manifest a particular desire, or whether you are far along and need that extra push to take the next step towards your own apotheosis, I am here to give you the guidance you need.

I've been doing this for 5 years now, and have helped many clients to take that next step on their path. I've helped clients manifest everything from hundreds of thousands of dollars, to their ideal relationship, to getting published, and everything else you can imagine.

In that time I've created highly effective techniques to help you to work through your own resistance, and hold the vision of what it is you want to create.

I can teach you these techniques and help you to achieve whatever it is you want in life.

I believe we have no limitations, besides the limits we place on ourselves. You can do or have anything you want, but it's up to you to create the vision, remove the obstacles, and claim your desire.

As someone who has explored the intricate workings of our own power to create, I'm in a unique position to help you to do exactly that.
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Work with Me

I offer one-on-one endarkenment coaching sessions to aid you along your path, and help you to create whatever you desire.

We'll connect over Zoom at a time of your choosing, and I'll spend an hour with you giving you the guidance you need to take that next step on your path.

We can have one session together, or a longer term coaching relationship if what you want to accomplish is more involved.

To schedule a single coaching session with me, just click the link below. The cost is $150 per session.
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Get More Done

If you'd like to work through a more persistent issue or have longer-term guidance, then my standard package is a 3 month subscription offering a total of 12 one-on-one coaching sessions with me. This is what I generally recommend for those wanting to create long-lasting change in their lives. In 3 months we can generally do an unbelievable amount of work, if you stick to the guidance I provide and follow the techniques faithfully.

The cost is just $500 per month for 3 months. You'll save over $300 over just scheduling the sessions individually as above.
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Pay for the 3 month package up front and you'll get a session free: that means you'll pay for 11 sessions but get the 12th for free.

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