How to Use the Power of Acceptance to Create Anything by Brandon Olivares

How to Use the Power of Acceptance to Create Anything

Finally Discover What's Been Holding You Back


Have you been trying to use visualization, affirmations, vision boards, or other such tools to manifest what you want, with little to no results? Are you tired of fighting against reality and trying to get the Universe to give you what you want?
There's a simple way of speaking the language of the Universe and unlocking your desires.
However, that secret does not lie in visualization, affirmations, or anything else, though these can certainly have their place.
It's something far more basic, and which anyone can do at any time of the day.
Acceptance sounds rather simplistic, and you might even scoff at the suggestion that this could be the key.
But in my study of the law of attraction since 2015, acceptance is the one thing that I've found again and again to be one of the most essential keys to manifesting.
In this series of audios, I'll guide you through the process of learning how to use acceptance, and all the various ways it can help you to manifest.
This class includes over 2.5 hours of audio guiding you through the process of using acceptance, and other select techniques, to effortlessly dissolve your resistance.

What's included?

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3 Steps to the Manifestation Process
13 mins
The Role of Resistance
13 mins
3 Principles of Energy
15 mins
Your Desires Are Pulling You Forward
15 mins
Acceptance: The Nullifier of Resistance
22 mins
Flowing with Life
20 mins
Alternative Techniques: Passive Tools
12 mins
Alternative Techniques: Active Tools
30 mins
Alternative Techniques: Transitional Tools
8 mins
Let Alignment Be Enough
10 mins

About Me

My name is Brandon Olivares from Returning to Zero. I believe at the heart of every person is what I call Zero, the Void. This is the seed of all creation — the stillness from which all things manifest. My goal is to teach you to access and wield this state to create exactly the life you dream of living.