Manifestation for Hire by Brandon Olivares

Manifestation for Hire

Have you ever heard law of attraction teachers say that you can't create in someone else's reality?

Well, I'm here to say it's totally untrue. You can indeed create in someone else's reality.

In fact, I have done so several times to great effect.

I debated whether to offer this service. After all, my goal is to help you to be the sole creator of your life.

But consider this as something akin to training wheels. Maybe you're working on manifesting something yourself, but find yourself continuously getting stuck.

Sure you could spend hundreds of dollars on coaching to learn what you need to change…

But you could also hire me to influence your manifestation— to change the energy around it and help to clear things up for you.

I realized quite a while ago that I seem to have a gift for this. I've successfully manifested massive financial goals, new computers, vacations, and far more.

It's all the result of five years of intensely studying the law of attraction, and rigorously putting it to the test in my own life.

And now, I'd love to put these same skills to work for you.

So Here's How It Works

My goal is to take your manifestation and just clean up the energy, so you can ideally manage things yourself from there. I don't want to create dependence.

After you place your order, I start out by optionally pulling a 1 card Tarot spread on your manifestation. This acts as a sort of barometer of how your manifestation has been going so far.

This is optional, so let me know whether you'd like the reading or not. If so I will send you the results within 48 hours of your order.

After this, I get started on manifesting.

Here's what I promise: I will work on your manifestation every day for seven days. I will treat it as my own manifestation— totally invested in your success.

I need nothing from you, except you're openness. Try to have an optimistic attitude about my manifestation efforts. Acknowledge any positive signs you see throughout the week.

After seven days, I can again optionally draw another card to see how things have changed.

It's useful to compare this against your first reading to see how things have changed. Often, even if you don't see any physical changes in your life, the readings will indicate significant energetic change that will show up in the physical world after some more time.

If you elect to receive this reading, I will send you the results within 48 hours of finishing your manifestation.

So to summarize:
  • You sign up and send me the manifestation you are working on
  • Optional: I give you a starting reading to show both of us where your manifestation is right now
  • I manifest for you daily for 7 days, treating it as my own manifestation
  • Optional: After the 7 days are up, I do a final reading to see what has changed and where the energy is now
  • I then give any final suggestions if any on how to proceed in the future

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What About Big Manifestations?

If your manifestation is big, 7 days may not be enough to get the full result you want. You will likely still see some movement, but if there is a lot of resistance or it's just far outside your current level of belief, then it may not get you all the way.

In such cases I suggest going through the process once, giving it a few weeks to let the energy settle, and then if you like, hire me again for the same manifestation to see how much more progress we can make.

What Exactly Do I Do?

There are some witches or magick types out there who do “rituals for hire,” and I've obviously patterned this service off of those.

However, I have nothing physical I can show you. I don't light candles, put on elaborate rituals, or anything of the sort. Everything I do is purely within my mind.

Why? Because it works. This is how I've gotten all of my manifestations, and I'm simply applying that same expertise to your manifestation. I want to do for you exactly what has worked for me.

Are You Ready to Get Started?

Are you tired of being stuck and ready to take your manifestation to the next level?

Hire me to manifest for you, then sit back and enjoy the results.

I deliberately keep this price low because I want it to be available to as many people as possible.

For the starting and ending reading, plus 7 days of manifesting, I am charging only $75.

The readings are optional if you'd rather not have them, so just let me know once you've signed up.

Just sign up below and we can get started!
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