Creating from Non-Doing

Stop working so hard to manifest what you want in life: learn the effortless path to success that is available to everyone.

What Does It Mean to Will?

Your will is the most powerful magickal tool you have at your disposal. Learn how you can hone your will to create anything you desire.

Living a Magical Life with the Law of Attraction

When you were a child, did you ever feel like you had some magical ability, to make your wishes come true? I know for me, I certainly observed that I could affect the reality around me, and I was quite good at it. I've heard the same from many others. Have you ever felt like this innate ability left you over the years, and even in studying the law of attraction, you've never quite been able to recapture that magical wonder and sense of infinite possibilities of your childhood? In this LOA masterclass, I'll show you how you can open up again to that magical power. When I say magic, I'm not talking about weird rituals and chants. Certainly if you feel led to use those sorts of tools, that's up to you, but they're not required. By magic, I'm just referring purely to the ability to create change in your reality. You might ask, “But how does that differ from the law of attraction?” In essence, it doesn't, at least not very much. But I've been working on transitioning my own wording over to “magic”, because it does embody more than the LOA does on its own. But these are the differences I see: Whereas the law of attraction is focused on actions you can take (even actions in your own mind such as visualization, affirmations, etc), magic is focused on bringing you to that place deep within where magic thrives and there are infinite possibilities. In essence the LOA traditionally is about what you can do, while magic is about who you are being. Whereas the law of attraction is about acting upon the Universe to make it yield your desire to you, magic is about living in flow with the Universe and all its various facets, in such a way that it happily, naturally, and effortlessly delivers everything you want and more to you. Indeed, not only does it deliver what you want, the Universe does everything in its infinite power to delight and surprise you in every aspect of your life, beyond what you could ever imagine for yourself. Whereas the law of attraction is about manifesting perhaps one or two big desires, magic is about living in partnership with the Universe where all things become possible and your life becomes, well, magical. Whereas the law of attraction is touted as a law—a science—that you can master, magic is an intuitive art that you must gradually discover over time. There are guides who can point the way for you, but no one can take your hand and walk the path with you. It is a path of self-discovery. This weekend, I will be holding this LOA masterclass to teach you how to open up to the magic that has always been within you. Stop limiting yourself by trying to learn how to master the law of attraction, and join me on this journey to open up to living the magical life you were called to live. The time is not yet set, so you will be asked to choose the time(s) that work best for you once you sign up, so as many people as possible can benefit from being on the call. For those who can't attend, the call will be recorded and made available to you. I estimate this class to be between 60-90 minutes, depending on how much discussion and Q&A there is. As anyone knows who has ever taken a live class with me before, I like plenty of interaction. I want you to walk away after this class inspired and ready to begin your magical journey. Note : You can either purchase this class as a standalone below, or sign up for any level of my LOA membership to get this, and all other LOA masterclasses, free as part of that membership. Just click here to sign up for the membership and you'll get instant access to this class.