Want to know where life is headed, or the current energy around any situation? Want to know if your manifestation is on track?

I offer multiple types of Tarot readings, all via email. I prefer email readings as it gives me time to really tune into your energy and give you the best reading possible.

Every reading comes with a full PDF report, including full-color images of the Tarot cards I drew in your reading, and a detailed interpretation.

Would you like me to also clear any energetic blocks, obstacles, or challenges I find in your reading? You can add my Manifestation for Hire as an add-on to any Tarot reading.

I offer several types of readings:

1 Card Tarot Reading

The 1 card Tarot reading is the simplest option. Ask your question and I will pull a single card for you, giving a brief overview of your question and the best path forward.
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4 Card Tarot Reading

Recommended for most questions. The 4 card Tarot reading offers greater insight and detail regarding your question.
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12 Card Tarot Reading

The 12 card Tarot reading offers the greatest amount of detail regarding your situation. For most questions it is overkill, but if you are facing a major decision and need all the insight you can get, then this spread is perfect for you.
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