The Anatomy of Resistance by Brandon Olivares

The Anatomy of Resistance

What is your view on resistance?

Resistance is a pretty complex topic, and it has been largely ignored in the LOA community, who often just encourage you to “think positively.”

But has this ever worked for you?

No, I'm guessing it hasn't. This is because your resistance will always define the boundaries within which you can manifest.
If you don't learn how to dissolve your resistance now, then you will always be limited as to the kind of manifestations you can have.

But how do you actually deal with resistance?

Most people seem to be just as clueless about this.

They think that one or another technique is the end-all, be-all. They think that one single technique can get rid of any and all resistance.

But that's simply not true. I've been studying various resistance-releasing techniques for several years, and have never found that one magic bullet that instantly dissolved all resistance.

I'm guessing you haven't, either.

Tell me, what would it be like to live a life free of resistance?

What would it be like to instantly be able to dissolve any resistance that might arise?

No longer will you be stuck in overwhelming resistance for hours, if not days. I know how that is: I've been there myself.

No longer will your desire feel far off, because of your resistance blocking you.

You'd be free to create anything you desired, almost without resistance.

If you knew how to dissolve any resistance, this could be a reality for you.

That's why I'm releasing my course, The Anatomy of Resistance.

I'll show you why resistance has been so hard to release up to this point, and the missing key for dissolving any resistance.

I'll show you:

  • How to reach the Zero State beyond all resistance
  • The problem with “positive thinking” and why it will just keep you stuck
  • Why “soothing your resistance” is ineffective and won't work in the long-term
  • What two forces keep you out of the Zero State and stuck in resistance
  • The four levels of resistance and how they work together
  • An overview of over 10 techniques for dissolving resistance and how to apply them

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What Students Are Saying

What you said about having to keep soothing worries really struck a chord with me. I've gotten stuck in that cycle a lot and I always end up wondering why my worries just won't leave!

Today was the first time I feel like I was able to really access the zero state. A lot of what you talked about also hits on why so many people with severe anxiety (like me...) often struggle with mindfulness. Someone says, "Allow all your thoughts." The anxious person hears, "You have to make everything okay; if you feel bad you're doing it wrong and you have to fix it!" I've tried and failed at mindfulness for around a decade now. It was a pleasant shock to have it come so easily today!
The Anatomy of Resistance course has given me many different ways to understand the blockages to life that I have lived with - unquestioningly - for many years. And not only understand them, but to dissolve them when they come into my awareness. Some desires that I imagined I could not live without are dissipating as they come up and I do deep work to comprehend them - that's a wonderful feeling. Other desires, that I have come to see are part and parcel of the path I want to travel, remain, and I can now work on releasing what holds me from them.
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Take Back Control of Your Life and Free Yourself of Resistance

Resistance is a fact of life. But it doesn't have to have control over you.

Take back control of your life, and no longer allow resistance to rule over you and your manifestations.

Don't allow resistance to stop you from living the life you desire.

You can have what you want, but if you don't know how to work through resistance, it'll be far more difficult. So many people simply get stuck and just stop, believing they can't have their desire.

But you can, if you choose to. I will show you the path.
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What's Included?

  • More than 8 hours of audio on how to dissolve any resistance
  • 10+ techniques revealed to use depending on the specific situation (I spent years and thousands of dollars mastering these techniques)
  • An exclusive Facebook group for members of The Anatomy of Resistance, where you can ask questions or discuss the material

Techniques Covered in the Course

  • Radical acceptance
  • Mindfulness
  • Attachments/Aversions
  • Ho’oponopono
  • Light language
  • FasterEFT
  • The Release Technique / The Sedona Method
  • Kinesthetic releasing
  • Self-approval
  • The Work of Byron Katie
  • NLP submodalities
  • And more
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About Me

My name is Brandon Olivares from Returning to Zero. I believe at the heart of every person is what I call Zero, the Void. This is the seed of all creation — the stillness from which all things manifest. My goal is to teach you to access and wield this state to create exactly the life you dream of living.