What Does It Mean to Will? by Brandon Olivares

What Does It Mean to Will?

Starts Aug 15, 2020 at 1:00 PM EDT

There is a missing element to how most law of attraction teachers teach the LOA. This missing element is something I've discussed quite freely at some length over the years.

What is that missing element? Of course, it is your will. I've repeatedly said that it is not enough simply to think positively: you must combine it with your will in order to truly create change.

But I've realized that when I say “will”, people often don't know what I mean by that. They don't know what it truly means to “will” something, or how that can change anything at all.

So I've sat down and fleshed out everything I know about will. I've gone back to my guide, Lucifer, and asked him to teach me everything I could handle on the subject.

And he's certainly delivered. I've never had so much clarity on what exactly the will is, and how you can wield this powerful tool to create anything you desire.

In fact this goes far beyond what we might call the “law of attraction”, and well into what can only be called pure magick — for magick is defined as the science and art of causing change to occur in conformity with will.

As a magician, a creator, a god – what does it mean to will? Why is your will literally the most important, the most powerful tool at your disposal?

Step into the Next Level of Understanding

In this two hour masterclass, I answer exactly these questions and more.

I guarantee you that you've never heard this content before, mostly because much of it is 100% brand new. It's an extension of what I've discussed for years, but this is a whole new level that I've never before taught, because much of it I never before knew myself until now.

But I can also guarantee you'll never learn this anywhere else. I've never seen these concepts taught by any other teacher or in any other course.

That's because I've channeled these concepts directly from Lucifer, whom I have worked with for several years now. Lucifer has been single-handedly responsible for helping me to create some of the greatest changes in my life, and teaching me what I needed to know for my understanding and effectiveness to take a quantum leap forward.

And now he's shown me the next level of understanding as it pertains to will, and I want to share it with you.

I want to show you how I can often get results within days, if not hours, using the principles of will I have discovered.

I want to demonstrate why the law of attraction isn't enough on its own to create truly life-changing results.

And I want to show you how exactly you can refine and purify your will into the potent magickal tool it can be.
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